Saturday, 12 September 2009

Symbols OV communication

Most of us have one or more symbols that will trigger inner peace, rage or feelings of power.
History are filled with them, and some change shape and meaning with time due to culture, evolution, conflicts etc.The symbol is usually a geometrical construction, and holds no meaning, until we add meaning and give it power.

The symbol in it's original form is neutral, then the constructor adds his/hers intentions. The symbol now holds meaning for the constructor, and as soon as he/she shares the symbol and shares the intent behind it, the symbol will spread and begin it's life as a tool of communication. It's an efficient way of marking our surroundings, and we have expressed ourselves, telling stories, for as long as we've had the knowledge and tools to do so. It's a protest, it's an expression of love, it's a ritual. It's a way of saying " I was here" It's all about leaving traces. Creating trails for whom ever follows down the same pathway.

I am a huge fan of street art, and it is interesting to see how the art changes from one part of the city to the next, to examine the varies in political and cultural expression. We wear them round our necks, we carve them into our skin and we paint them on walls. We as humans have a strong need to make our mark on our surroundings. What is important to the urban human.

The band Psychogeographical Commission stuck a cord with me with their release "Genius Loci", I did a review on them for Heathen Harvest a while back and they have the same philosophy as I do. Quote from the review: "While neo folk bands attempt to recreate a past that never existed, a world we long for, a world we never even knew, this takes place here and now. By way of electronic drones and ambient soundscapes, this deals with the industrial world, and the search for spirituality and mythology in our time. The Psychogeographical Commission has chosen another path by saying the industrial world is no longer new and unknown to us, we don't need to long for the lost and forgotten times, we need to find our spirituality and mythology right here and right now." Symbols play a big part in this.

I use symbols everyday to express myself, and I feel connected to people who use the same symbols. Together we create magic. Together we add symbology to the geometrical constructions. It's instant communication. Instant understanding. It's pure energy. By using symbols you can draw people closer, or you can tell them to stay well away. The psychic cross (at the top) created by Genesis, is a fantastic example. He wanted it to be up to us to decide what the symbol means, yet the symbol holds meaning for a group of people with similar interests. Douglas Pearce still creates controversy with his use of symbols. I always tell people to think long and hard before wearing a powerful symbol. They have to understand what the symbol means to other people, what it _symbolizes_. I never use a symbol I don't identify with, as it will give me bad energy and I see it as a severe insult to the people it belongs to.

Using a symbol as a fashion statement or as a method to connect with a group, will come back to haunt you, and you will wear your ignorance on your sleeve. Some of the symbols are so powerful and must be used with great care. Are you sure you are man/woman enough to wear a big swastika on your chest? With any symbol I will ask you the question: What does it mean to you? And you better have an answer. It will reveal everything about you, so choose wisely. My partner and I use symbols in our music, in our street art, in our home. And those symbols brings us closer to each other and closer to the people we connect with. The symbols are my tools to create distance and my keys to open doors. We have created our own symbol and it has traveled all over the globe and now has it's own life. As any symbol should. It's not a question of who you want to be, it's a question of who you are and what you want to accomplish.

The symbols will make you or break you.
You decide.

( note: the symbols posted does not all represent me)


  1. Yes, the Swastika was originally a symbol of Hinduism, before the Nazi regime adopted it...

    You are right about symbolism and it's connection with one's inner self, but like you rightly point out, the bearer of any symbol MUST know what it represents. It is a 'form' of connection. Symbols have been used by many gangs/groups over the years to indoctrinate their ideologies with one another.

    I have several tattoos that represent sheer agression but also, absolute love...a true counterbalance to how I am wired up. I can show such kindness and compassion, yet I have the scars to prove my inner 'animal' aggression! Perhaps the blood of my father runs through my veins...who knows Batcheeba?

  2. Yeah, I'm agree with that everybody has symbols which represent our style of life and also our believes, some people represent that through tattoos others through drawing signs I think it is a kind of art.