Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Shocking Lies - Alexa cries wolf.

Sometimes people will cross the line in order to be right, and they will produce,twist and exploit facts to create a false reality. One of these people happen to be a Swedish radical feminist named Alexa Wolf. 16.November 2000, keepers of high morality in Swedish Parliament and people sitting at home in their sofa chocked on their Coffey, as Wolf showed her "documentary" enticingly titled "Shocking truth".

According to Wolf, Shocking truth was supposed to be a documentary that showed the true side of porn. Once and for all exposing the grim face of a male dominated, cynical industry that solemnly survives on exploited and weak women and the pigs that pay to ejaculate to their misery. The film shows what seems to be a rape scene. A unidentified woman is, according to Wolf, being gang raped by 5 partially masked men, Wolf manipulated the material slowing down the film making it appear as the woman was helpless and drugged. She chose to use scenes from the well known (porn) director Gregory Dark (with a taste for the hard and bizarre). He has directed mainstream Hollywood films, and he has a M.F.S from Standford University. But Wolf chose Dark's "Shocking truth" series because using a more mainstream porn film "could fool people into believing the porn actress was having a pleasurable experience..."
This sets t
he standard for the rest of the documentary.

And the effects? This single radical feminist managed to create a moral panic. The newspapers were covered with outraged headlines. Inger Segelström, leader of the Social Democratic Women's Association outed the managers of Canal + and TV1000 at the group's web site, declaring them "morally responsible for abuse of women". A fellow party member wanted a change in the law, even if it meant changing the constitution. She stated: "I have never seen anything like it, but I know violent porn when I see it!" The pay pr view-channels promised that there would be no "violent porn" and TV1000 made an offer to customers to censor their screens at home. The minister for business had to stop Telia's new pay per view channel. The government demanded that their officials spent their nights at hotels that did not offer porn on tv, while away on business. Video stores removed porn from the shelves. 57% of the Swedish population wanted to ban ALL porn.

That was in liberal Sweden. In conservative Norway we had more or less the same reaction.
While some politicians, prior to being exposed to the documentary, had opened the doors to uncensored "erotic film" and liberalization, they now pulled a 180, and joined the rest of the media and the political Norway in a moral frenzy, stating porn as abuse, violence and filth. The radical feminist group Ottar expressed relief that the truth was finally revealed, not to mention the people who dragged paedophilia, satanism and zoophilia into the mix.

So Alexa Wolf directly contributed to changing the laws in atleast 2 countries. Was the truth about porn revealed by Wolf? No, it was not. The woman seen "drugged and raped" in the film, was not identified by Wolf. Doing research would not prove Wolf's view points I guess. But the woman has a name and her name is Mila Shegol. She is a very well known award winning porn actress with a huge number of outrageous porn films to show for. She is known as one the wildest girls in LA, and she is a winner of a porn Oscar for best anal scene. She also has a a Ph.D in psychology. Months later, Mila Shegol was interviewed by Robert Aschberg (TV3). She was articulated, intelligent, had a good sense of humor. She told him that she was not on drugs, she was not raped, it was all acting, she actually took part in directing the scenes where she engages in group sex, and she was the one with the creative idea on how to do the scenes. She now directs her own films and co-owns a production company. She was not a suffering, oppressed or exploited woman, and she had no idea there had been made a documentary about her alleged rape.

Who created a victim out of the successfully and strong Mila? The feminist Wolf.
Who created the stereotype as a sleazy, exploiting porn director out of the multi talented Dark? The feminist Wolf.
Wolf and many like her has this distorted idea that all women in porn must be either exploited, on drugs, suffering from childhood trauma or all ov the above. And if the woman doesn't fit this role, they will state she is a poor feminist, a horrible role model for other women, they will claim she is less intelligent, and that she needs protection.

To counter this view, I would postulate that:
1: Any man or woman is free to do whatever the fuck they want to, with their life and their bodies.
2: Role model? The last thing this society needs are more role models. Be your own gods, for fuck sake.
3: A poor feminist? The porn actress has taken control over her sexuality. That is pure power in my eyes.

But, did these facts change anything? No, they did not. When presented with the material from Robert Aschberg's interview , Alexa Wolf's comment was "this proves nothing". In 2000 a book titled "Shocking lies" came out in Sweden, debating lies and prejudice in the debate on pornography: "If a woman is being gang raped, she is being fucked by 5 men. This woman (in shocking truth) is being fucked by 5 men. Ergo she is being gang raped." Quote Henrik Tornberg.

The truth is, it doesn't matter.
When the government, the media, the Christians, the feminists and the like comes together in moral witch hunt, it does not matter one bit what the fact tell them, when it comes to porn. Not responding to Wolf's "documentary" would have been political suicide, and for the rest us us... Well... Who has the guts to be the single voice willing to defend a industry who has it's foundation based on the sticky taboo of masturbation? There seems to be a collective belief that if society is exposed to porn, we as humans will not be able to handle it. We will all end up having a "distorted sexuality", become obsessed with masturbation and blasphemous sex orgies, and that fear simply reeks of conservative Christianity. (And we all know who has a distorted view on the human body and its sexual usage.)

Mila can prove her mental stability all she wants, but the extreme feminists and the anti-porn wing doesn't care. They need her to be a victim. They need all porn stars to be victims so they can prove themselves right. Let me explain something very important: Having an emotional reaction is not the same as being right. The emotional reaction you might experience while watching a woman having group sex, does not mean that is how SHE is feeling. Holding hands and walking in to the sunset might get you off, but for other girls a brutal anal DP does the trick.

Women are individuals, and we are not linked up by some emotional and moral extra sensory network. What might seem very brutal and extreme to you, might be exciting and pleasurable to someone else. Remember that.
Who informs you? You HAVE to question everything, always.
Issues come with the person, not the profession.
I am not stating the porn industry is problem free. Like any other industry dependent on a capitalist system, there will be bitches and bastards.
If your problem lies in capitalism itself, then try anarchy or communism.
Just don't blame it on the porn.

So here's to you, Alexa:

On a brighter note: For those of you following my blog, I have a treat for you. I have an upcoming blog on porn and sexuality featuring an interview with two interesting porn actresses. What is sexuality and who can limit it? This will be a deeper dive into the world of lust, famous porn actresses,deviant desires and more. Stay tuned my perverted darlings, there are several exciting entries on the bizarre and obscure in the months to come!

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Virgins, pervs and chubby baby angels.

Years back, at a lecture in art history, I was mesmerized in learning that religious art often hid secrets of erotic and pornographic nature. This professor talked to us about paedophilia, prostitution and homosexuality. I want to share what she inspired me to further investigate. Sadly, this is a massive subject, multi layered, so I can only scratch the surface for you. There will be no split beavers or cum shoots, but hopefully I can change your mind about the virgin prudes, and the chubby baby angels.

Let's start it off with the famous Mary Magdalene. The controversy surrounding her is still going on. Most seem to agree it was sin and sexuality that led to her dodgy reputation as a whore. Magdalene is portrayed with fiery red hair, often not covered like decent women of that time should be. Red hair is a symbol of desires of the flesh, and free flowing hair is a symbol of a untamed woman, someone who goes against society's rules on morality. But most important of all is the jar of ointment. A common symbol of prostitution in art. The prostitute would carry the jar with them to clients and used the ointment in their work. Magdalene is also often portrayed with this jar, even as she is repenting her sins, we can see her with her voluptuous breasts revealed, her free flowing red hair, and the jar beside her.

A woman with a jar, vase , pot or chalice is a known symbol in art all the way back to Sumerian times. The opening of the jar can be viewed as opening the Pandora's box, or as the exposing of female sexuality and female powers. A woman with a jar understands how to control fertility ( presumably this symbol dates back to agricultural revolution when jar makers allowed women to store seeds and foodstuffs)

The virgin Mary often has her breast revealed, either shown breastfeeding baby Jesus or simply just holding baby Jesus in her arms. And when Mary is not breastfeeding baby Jesus, the
revealed breast becomes obviously erotic. Mind you, there are several portraits of Mary breastfeeding Jesus, even with a facial expression of lust. Often the face of Baby Jesus has adult features, voluptuous curves or suggestive positioning of his body, and this reinforces the erotic content. (Sounds perverse? The sexual portrayal of children was not found objectionable until at least the late 18th century.) You have to realize that was no mass media, except through the church, and most of what was written down was religious texts, and the people who could afford to pay the famous painters, could not jeopardize their reputation. This is why the porn of those days were hidden in layers of symbols, mysticism and religious imagery. Using the golden ratio and also drawing up the lines following the eyes of angels gazing at them, the lines surprisingly often ends up at Mary's nipple, or Jesus' penis. ( note: the level of erotic content exploded once art matured from the more iconic art of the medieval period into the renaissance of modern Europe)

Although the painting is showing a religious setting,
the painter created a play if you will, using various symbols, compositions, colors, expressions and using the light to emphasise specific body parts. And what can be more alluring than combining Christianity, sin and sexuality? The artists tapped into the suppressed sexuality and the fear of hell in the audience: "I can't look, but I can't look away" As long as the young man was staring at the virgin Mary's erect nipple, he felt safe from the devils claws. It was an innocent setting. Who were the models for the paintings of Magdalene? Various courtesans, also women of high standard had no issues with posing nude, though always under pseudonyms of various mythological names such as Magdalene, Pandora and Venus.
(Exception: the wonderful
Nell Gwynn but that is another entry.)

The best example of erotic art can be found in "The Ecstasy of St. Teresa" by Gianlorenzo Bernini. At first glance you see a rather typical setting of a woman draped, head tilted back, and an seraph standing over her with a spear. This sculpture how ever, is much more complex. Let me introduce you to Saint Teresa of Ávila, a Spanish mystic and the founder of Discalced Carmelites. Teresa of Ávila had from early age been searching for a deeper meaning in life. She ran away from home aged 7 looking for martyrdom, and at 20 she joined the Incarnation of the Carmelites. She fell ill, and during her illness she had overpowering religious experiences of religious ecstasy, using various mystical ascetic works such as Tercer abecedario espiritual, Tractatus de oratione et meditatione and possibly the Spiritual Exercises by the legendary St. Ignatius of Loyola.

She became obsessed with the matters of sin and the Divine, and began experimenting in self torture and mortification of the flesh. In 1559 she has her first vision of Christ. He presented him self in full bodily form and these visions lasted for 2 years. And it was at this time in her life she has a vision of a seraph driving a golden lance repeatedly through hear heart, causing her tremendous spiritual and physical pain. "I saw in his hand a long spear of gold, and at the iron's point there seemed to be a little fire. He appeared to me to be thrusting it at times into my heart, and to pierce my very entrails; when he drew it out, he seemed to draw them out also, and to leave me all on fire with a great love of God. The pain was so great, that it made me moan; and yet so surpassing was the sweetness of this excessive pain, that I could not wish to be rid of it.."
Sounds like she was getting off to me. This experience inspired her to live her life as the suffering Jesus under the motto: Lord, either let me suffer or let me die.

This is the story behind the sculpture and I wanted to show you the extraordinary facial expressions on both the seraph and on Teresa. The spear is phallic, her face is orgasmic and the seraph is obviously thinking: "Who's yo' daddy, biatch".
Nunsploitation films are not all taken out of the blue after all. "The Ecstasy of St. Teresa" is a magnificent piece of art, the craftsmanship is outstanding, but I love it the most for it's erotic and multi layered secrets.

Let me end it all with gay porn. How fitting is that? A perfect example is the numerous painting of St.Sebastian, martyr and officer. He refused to sacrifice to the roman gods as he was a devout christian, and was sent to prison. In prison he converted numerous people to Christianity, and was later sentenced to death for betrayal by his former commander in chief. He was tied to a pole his body was pierced by multiple arrows. He survives but is later killed by the same man. St. Sebastian is a well known gay icon. All though very little information points us in this direction. Both Oscar Wilde and Yukio Mishima has reinforced this in their art and literature. This painting of St.Sebastian by Guido Renis shows us why so many view him as a homo erotic icon. Homosexuality was common in north Italy in the mid 1600, and St.Sebastian also had a homo erotic appeal all though the medieval ages. His pelvic is painfully pressed forward, his face slurred by the orgasm, his hips round and sultry, his pale skin repeatedly penetrated by phallic arrows, his submissive feminine arms tied up in bondage.
C'mon now...don't tell me that dude doesn't like the dick.

I could go on and on, there are so many sexy settings in the world of art. And to me this art are so much more erotic and interesting than contemporary provocative art. There are so much history, so much to learn hidden in the layers. The ruby red lips, the coy eyes, the voluptuous baby angels, the erect nipples and the free flowing hair desperately trying to cover up flesh bursting with lust and desire. The mystique lies in the silence of the faces. It's all up to you to explore them all, to experience the forbidden throbbing caused by sexual arousal, shared by the thousands throughout time.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Trepanation - bliss or simply just bloody?

Trepanation. I was very young the first time I read about the practice, but it took many years before I realized how complex the history really is. Most of you how know of trepanation, will think of it as simply drilling a hole in the head. That is correct, but the drilling it self is actually the least interesting part of it all. Imagine that? Usually drilling in the head would get me all enthusiastic, but it is the mythology surrounding trepanation that really gets me going.

Treapanation is an ancient practice, skulls with holes in their head has been found in most parts of the world, and it is probably the oldest surgical procedure for witch there is evidence. And the evidence shows us that the skulls had signs of structural healing and this means patients survived the operation. This can maybe explain why it was so wide spread and also the amounts of skulls found with the characteristic holes; if people died from trepanation it would not be such a massive phenomenon.

The procedure it self is very simple, creating a hole in the skull using various tools, removing a fragment of bone in the scull and revealing the dura matter. From here though, we can go in a multitude of different directions.Cave paintings shows us that trepanation was used to cure migraine, and in the middle ages it was practised to cure seizures. It has been used to cure mental illness, to cast out evil spirits and also non therapeutic both post and pre mortem. But I want to focus on the modern voluntary trepanation.

And then we have to start if off with Bart Hughes, a Dutch librarian known for his publication "The Mechanism of Brainbloodvolume". He was the founder of the trepanation movement in 1962, and he is also known for performing his own trepanation. Hughes believed that evolution is self was the number one key to loss of consciousness, meaning the transformation from primate to upright stand caused the blood flow to be limited by gravity. Hughes believed that the key was found in the unsealed sculls of babies. The skulls of infants are not sealed and the brain is allowed to pulsate in beat with the heart, and as the child grows the brain is sealed in by bony carapace, reducing free thinking, dreams and fantasy. After observing a man standing on his head at a hash party in Ibiza claiming it got him high, he came to the conclusion that blood flow was in control of psychic enlightenment. Hughes believed drilling a hole in his head would increase blood flow and he would achieve his permanently higher level of vision.

Hughes believed that the holes found in skulls all over the world, was the mystical
third eye it self. (Mind you, Hughes was heavily into LSD and marijuana at this time, he named his daughter Maria Juana). In his first attempt at a trepanation he used electric drill, a surgical knife and a hypodermic needle for anaesthetics. He revealed him self at a "happening" 10 days later. After giving a press conference and going to the hospital to get his x-ray taken, he was locked up for 3 weeks in psychiatric care. Go figure. "Gravity is the enemy, the adult it it's victim, society it it's disease. My problem is how to explain to the adult he has too little blood in his brain to understand, when he has too little blood in his brain to understand that."
Ah, the wonders of LSD.

In the footsteps of Hughes there are several followers. Amanda Feilding and Joey Mellen (author of the book "bore hole") are two of the well known ones, both performed their own trepanations, both claiming it instantly changed their lives. Both experimenting with LSD and various others drugs. Amanda Feilding actually filmed her own trepanation ( "Heartbeat in the brain), but has not put the film out. I've only seen pictures and in all honesty it has to be some of the more bizarre pictures I have seen. Amanda smiling with blood poring down her face. Joey has more trouble with his procedure since for the first attempt , Amanda used a hand drill, almost cracking open his skull. (Feilding ran for Parlament twice, on the platform 'Trepanation for the National Health")

Interestingly, people still believe drilling a hole will give them the ultimate consciousness. We see the
modern primitives performing trepanation and documenting every detail. They still perform it in central Africa and in India. I doubt they engage in LSD as well. From reading the diary of one individual who had assisted trepanation, he felt no effects 6 months after having it done, and he believes the vague effects he felt the weeks after, was due to healing of tissue and blood flow to that specific area.

I will argue that the effects documented are similar to the the psychological effects one ca
n experience from undergoing rituals. It's not the hole, it's not the brain pulsating, it's not BrainBloodVolume.
It's just a normal psychological/physical reaction to healing, and mental development through
cognitive therapy. Unless you are trippin out on LSD that is. Then cutting of a leg would make you see God.

To sum it up, I am all for it. What ever you want to do is nobody's business but your own. And as long as you don't hurt anyone by doing it, I don't care what strange and bizarre activities people engage in. Just remember: There is a fine line between enlightenment and brain damage in this case.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Romell Broom is not dead, long live Romell Broom,

Update October 6th: The execution of Broom - convicted of rape and murder - is on hold ahead of a federal court hearing on 30 November., along with two other convicts. His lawyers argue that an unprecedented second execution attempt on Broom would violate a constitutional ban on cruel and unusual punishment.Gov Ted Strickland ordered all three executions to be halted.He said the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction needed more time to finish updating its protocols for dealing with long delays in finding suitable veins on inmates.
I wrote Strickland and asked for help a month ago, now it's your turn. Be polite.
Contact the Governor.

Today's news told me about Romell Broom and how he was TORTURED for more than 2 hours. He is one of the many American sentenced to death in the US. The executioners tried to find a usable vein strong enough to deliver the three-drug lethal injection. He even tried to help by shifting positions, rubbing his arm and pointing out possible usable veins. He was seen covering his face in agonizing pain. He cried, asking to talk to his lawyer, but was denied this right. They ended the attempt to kill him because of the Eighth Amendment to the United States Constitution: the ban on cruel and unusual punishment. So killing someone with poison is not cruel? I am shaking with rage. Romell Broom has been on Death Row in Ohio since 1984. Romell Broom is convicted of killing and raping, not once but twice. Listen: I don't give fuck if he raped all your 14 kids, ate your mom, shoot the president or went on a 14 day killing spree. Death penalty is wrong in every possible way.

If the purpose is to set an example for the rest of the population, to show that killing is wrong, the sheer irony should end this practice today. Death penalty is a violation on human rights. Period.

Let me educate you on lethal injections.
A physician should not participate in killing people, they are in the business of preserving life. The American Medical Association states that it's up to each physician decide if he is pro or against killing people. " The AMA Code of ethics [6] specifically prohibits prescription by a doctor of the drugs for lethal injection. Ethical and legal constraints forbid pharmacists dispensing a drug without a valid prescription. A valid prescription can only be written by a doctor with an established relationship to the patient, with the patients consent, for the benefit of the patient, and in the area of the doctor's expertise, among other requirements."
Sodium thiopental is used to induce unconsciousness. Pancuronium bromide cause muscle paralysis and respiratory arrest. Potassium chloride to stop the heart. Sounds smooth and un cruel right? The doses injected are standard, not adjusted for each individual. A research letter publicized by University of Miami researchers, stated that post-mortem concentrations of thiopental in the blood were lower than that required for surgery in 43 of 49 executed inmates(88%); 21 (43%) inmates had concentrations consistent with awareness. This means that some of the people being killed like this, suffered agonizing and extreme pain.

Since the drugs often are injected by people with no medical training, we end up with situations such as Angel Nieves Diaz. After 35 minutes he was still not dead, so they injected him with a second dose claiming this was needed due some liver dysfunction. Autopsy showed no dysfunction and that the needle had pierced through his flesh not his vein. Pain free death anyone?
Research show that the doses leaves humans paralyzed and aware, experiencing the intense burning caused by potassium chloride and suffocation due to the paralytic effects of pancuronium bromide.
This is tor
ture. Period.

In 2008 Ninety three percent of all known executions took place in five countries: China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the USA. I will leave that sentence to speak for it self. Of the 58 countries we know practice death penalty, only 25 of them carried them out in 2008. 93 countries does not practice death penalty. 37 human beings were killed by death penalty in the states in 2008. So far 35 in 2009. Since 1975: 1173 killed. Numbers. Humans with family, children....killed by the system. Since 1975, 120 humans has been released from death row on grounds of innocence. In 2008, 4 humans spent a decade on death row before being found innocent. The longest-serving executed inmate so far spent 35 years. This causes the death row phenomenon where humans become mentally ill. (yet still executed mind you...)
Amnesty international states that American is one of the 5 countries that "provide the greatest challenge towards global abolition of the death penalty. "
Don't get me started on the electric chair. I'll just post pictures instead.

What does this cost the American tax payers? The sums are completely mind blowing, in the hundreds of millions each year in the different states. Money that could be spent on rehabilitating, institutions and creating a safe system for both the criminals and the society.

In Norway during the viking-era in the mid 900, we practiced "Bloodhevn" (blood revenge). This means if someone killed one in your family, the family revenged their loss by killing the killer or one of his family members. Even though this was an inhuman practice, at least it wasn't the system doing the killing. Repeat please: Don't kill for me. Don't kill.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Just Say No To Democracy.

"There is a poster we did showing some bloke being arrested by plain clothes cops - his arms behind his back, face shoved to the ground, cops with pistols drawn - the caption over this picture reads "Say No to Democracy". Anyway, the point is that some people thought we were advocating a totalitarian state whilst other people thought we were being ironic in as much as we were trying to say "Look, this is what democracy is really about!" Either perspective we are quite happy to live with, as the objective of the poster was to make people think about democracy, even if it was only for a few seconds ..."
The Grey Wolves.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Symbols OV communication

Most of us have one or more symbols that will trigger inner peace, rage or feelings of power.
History are filled with them, and some change shape and meaning with time due to culture, evolution, conflicts etc.The symbol is usually a geometrical construction, and holds no meaning, until we add meaning and give it power.

The symbol in it's original form is neutral, then the constructor adds his/hers intentions. The symbol now holds meaning for the constructor, and as soon as he/she shares the symbol and shares the intent behind it, the symbol will spread and begin it's life as a tool of communication. It's an efficient way of marking our surroundings, and we have expressed ourselves, telling stories, for as long as we've had the knowledge and tools to do so. It's a protest, it's an expression of love, it's a ritual. It's a way of saying " I was here" It's all about leaving traces. Creating trails for whom ever follows down the same pathway.

I am a huge fan of street art, and it is interesting to see how the art changes from one part of the city to the next, to examine the varies in political and cultural expression. We wear them round our necks, we carve them into our skin and we paint them on walls. We as humans have a strong need to make our mark on our surroundings. What is important to the urban human.

The band Psychogeographical Commission stuck a cord with me with their release "Genius Loci", I did a review on them for Heathen Harvest a while back and they have the same philosophy as I do. Quote from the review: "While neo folk bands attempt to recreate a past that never existed, a world we long for, a world we never even knew, this takes place here and now. By way of electronic drones and ambient soundscapes, this deals with the industrial world, and the search for spirituality and mythology in our time. The Psychogeographical Commission has chosen another path by saying the industrial world is no longer new and unknown to us, we don't need to long for the lost and forgotten times, we need to find our spirituality and mythology right here and right now." Symbols play a big part in this.

I use symbols everyday to express myself, and I feel connected to people who use the same symbols. Together we create magic. Together we add symbology to the geometrical constructions. It's instant communication. Instant understanding. It's pure energy. By using symbols you can draw people closer, or you can tell them to stay well away. The psychic cross (at the top) created by Genesis, is a fantastic example. He wanted it to be up to us to decide what the symbol means, yet the symbol holds meaning for a group of people with similar interests. Douglas Pearce still creates controversy with his use of symbols. I always tell people to think long and hard before wearing a powerful symbol. They have to understand what the symbol means to other people, what it _symbolizes_. I never use a symbol I don't identify with, as it will give me bad energy and I see it as a severe insult to the people it belongs to.

Using a symbol as a fashion statement or as a method to connect with a group, will come back to haunt you, and you will wear your ignorance on your sleeve. Some of the symbols are so powerful and must be used with great care. Are you sure you are man/woman enough to wear a big swastika on your chest? With any symbol I will ask you the question: What does it mean to you? And you better have an answer. It will reveal everything about you, so choose wisely. My partner and I use symbols in our music, in our street art, in our home. And those symbols brings us closer to each other and closer to the people we connect with. The symbols are my tools to create distance and my keys to open doors. We have created our own symbol and it has traveled all over the globe and now has it's own life. As any symbol should. It's not a question of who you want to be, it's a question of who you are and what you want to accomplish.

The symbols will make you or break you.
You decide.

( note: the symbols posted does not all represent me)

Monday, 7 September 2009

Auto-erotic Asphyxiation

Marquis de Sade wrote about it in 1787 in his novel Justine, asphyxiation has been practiced for erectile disfynction (early records back to the 1600). Children all over the world play games where they hyperventilate to get "high", and when you have an orgasm you hold your breath and tighten your muscles, seconds before the release. Some of you will remember the singer from INXS who died from auto-erotic asphyxiation jn 1997, and most recently David Carradine (famous actor) was found dead in his hotel room in Bankok due to auto-erotic asphyxiation.
Yet most of you don't know much about this strange practice. Breath control is something so deviant most will live their life not knowing about it's obscure, and deadly nature. Estimated deaths pr year is 500-1000 in the united states alone. I don't have statistics for the rest of the world but cases are found worldwide. Boys as young as 12-13, and even men in their 80's, but most frequently caucasian men in their 20's. The numbers tell us that the number of people who practice this dangerous sex game, is probaly quite high.

Auto-erotic asphyxiation is a complex subject, with several sub groups and I will only deal with some of them in this blog (I will leave out assisted asphyxiation). Since this is a very private practise, interviewing cases is not an easy task. Considering this, most of the information is found in the investigation of accidental deaths, interviewing family members and partners. Some of the cases can be further complicated with regards to determining whether or not it was a homocide or a suicide, but for the trained experts there are certain criteria that must be met for it to be an auto-erotic asphyxiation death. Family members who are so unfortunate to find their loved ones in such a grotesque setting are know to clean up the room, thus making it impossible for police too know that auto-erotic asphyxiation was the cause of death.
What we do know from interviewing familymembers and partners is that behaviour prior to their death commonly include mood swings and anxiety, but rarely suicidal tendencies.
And let's be honest, who would want to kill them self and be found dead with various deviant porn spread out all over the floor, while having a wooden leg stuck up their ass, dressed up in female clothing?

Auto-erotic asphyxiation is, simply put, cutting off the blood supply to the brain causing enhanced sexual pleasure. It is dangerous because the time it takes from cutting off the oxygen to loosing consciousness might be as short as 7 seconds, with as little as seven punds of pressure.
This is why mind blowing and impressive safety mechanisms are so often found. Some of the cases I have read are so intricate it would impress any engineer. It is obviously something they must have spent a great deal of time to perfect. The intention is to survive, not to die from the ritual. But for every death, we are left with more information.

I've read alot on the psychological nature asumed to be the triggers, but most of it is outdated freudian bullshit. As with any fetish the triggers are higly individual. Interestingly though, very few female cases are known. I am assuming this has to do with male vs. female sexuality (and that is different blog alltogether). As mentioned above, porn is very common as well as other fetish elements.

This practice naturally involves a great deal of pain, so we must include elements of masochism in our understanding of the subject. And don't think we are just talking about rope meets neck. Oh no, people chain themselves to moving cars, hang themselves from ladders in sewers, they wrap themselves in carpets, use plastic bags, intricate rope systems, toxic fumes, tractors and so on. Combine this with any fetish imaginable and we are left with one of the most complex sexual practices known to mankind.

Interestingly these people live on the edge of life in more ways than one. First they practise masturbation which by itself is a taboo. Second, they engange in a fetish witch is another taboo, and third, they master (most of the time) controlling their body and breath and thus having the power to controll life and pleasure itself. From the few interviews that exist we know that asphyxiation is something they practise frequently and obsessivly. I wonder if this can be related to the release of dopamine (pleasure chemical produced by the brain) thereby creating an addiction.

Sexuality is complex and varied, and even though auto-erotic asphyxiation might seem too bizarre for most of you, it can be your husband or your boss. Deviation is not a sign we carry around our necks. Pun intended.

(Sorry for not posting more pics, but all my photos are in books and the net is no longer filled with sick shit as it used to be way back when I first discovered Vicki's Necrobabes.....)