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Shocking Lies - Alexa cries wolf.

Sometimes people will cross the line in order to be right, and they will produce,twist and exploit facts to create a false reality. One of these people happen to be a Swedish radical feminist named Alexa Wolf. 16.November 2000, keepers of high morality in Swedish Parliament and people sitting at home in their sofa chocked on their Coffey, as Wolf showed her "documentary" enticingly titled "Shocking truth".

According to Wolf, Shocking truth was supposed to be a documentary that showed the true side of porn. Once and for all exposing the grim face of a male dominated, cynical industry that solemnly survives on exploited and weak women and the pigs that pay to ejaculate to their misery. The film shows what seems to be a rape scene. A unidentified woman is, according to Wolf, being gang raped by 5 partially masked men, Wolf manipulated the material slowing down the film making it appear as the woman was helpless and drugged. She chose to use scenes from the well known (porn) director Gregory Dark (with a taste for the hard and bizarre). He has directed mainstream Hollywood films, and he has a M.F.S from Standford University. But Wolf chose Dark's "Shocking truth" series because using a more mainstream porn film "could fool people into believing the porn actress was having a pleasurable experience..."
This sets t
he standard for the rest of the documentary.

And the effects? This single radical feminist managed to create a moral panic. The newspapers were covered with outraged headlines. Inger Segelström, leader of the Social Democratic Women's Association outed the managers of Canal + and TV1000 at the group's web site, declaring them "morally responsible for abuse of women". A fellow party member wanted a change in the law, even if it meant changing the constitution. She stated: "I have never seen anything like it, but I know violent porn when I see it!" The pay pr view-channels promised that there would be no "violent porn" and TV1000 made an offer to customers to censor their screens at home. The minister for business had to stop Telia's new pay per view channel. The government demanded that their officials spent their nights at hotels that did not offer porn on tv, while away on business. Video stores removed porn from the shelves. 57% of the Swedish population wanted to ban ALL porn.

That was in liberal Sweden. In conservative Norway we had more or less the same reaction.
While some politicians, prior to being exposed to the documentary, had opened the doors to uncensored "erotic film" and liberalization, they now pulled a 180, and joined the rest of the media and the political Norway in a moral frenzy, stating porn as abuse, violence and filth. The radical feminist group Ottar expressed relief that the truth was finally revealed, not to mention the people who dragged paedophilia, satanism and zoophilia into the mix.

So Alexa Wolf directly contributed to changing the laws in atleast 2 countries. Was the truth about porn revealed by Wolf? No, it was not. The woman seen "drugged and raped" in the film, was not identified by Wolf. Doing research would not prove Wolf's view points I guess. But the woman has a name and her name is Mila Shegol. She is a very well known award winning porn actress with a huge number of outrageous porn films to show for. She is known as one the wildest girls in LA, and she is a winner of a porn Oscar for best anal scene. She also has a a Ph.D in psychology. Months later, Mila Shegol was interviewed by Robert Aschberg (TV3). She was articulated, intelligent, had a good sense of humor. She told him that she was not on drugs, she was not raped, it was all acting, she actually took part in directing the scenes where she engages in group sex, and she was the one with the creative idea on how to do the scenes. She now directs her own films and co-owns a production company. She was not a suffering, oppressed or exploited woman, and she had no idea there had been made a documentary about her alleged rape.

Who created a victim out of the successfully and strong Mila? The feminist Wolf.
Who created the stereotype as a sleazy, exploiting porn director out of the multi talented Dark? The feminist Wolf.
Wolf and many like her has this distorted idea that all women in porn must be either exploited, on drugs, suffering from childhood trauma or all ov the above. And if the woman doesn't fit this role, they will state she is a poor feminist, a horrible role model for other women, they will claim she is less intelligent, and that she needs protection.

To counter this view, I would postulate that:
1: Any man or woman is free to do whatever the fuck they want to, with their life and their bodies.
2: Role model? The last thing this society needs are more role models. Be your own gods, for fuck sake.
3: A poor feminist? The porn actress has taken control over her sexuality. That is pure power in my eyes.

But, did these facts change anything? No, they did not. When presented with the material from Robert Aschberg's interview , Alexa Wolf's comment was "this proves nothing". In 2000 a book titled "Shocking lies" came out in Sweden, debating lies and prejudice in the debate on pornography: "If a woman is being gang raped, she is being fucked by 5 men. This woman (in shocking truth) is being fucked by 5 men. Ergo she is being gang raped." Quote Henrik Tornberg.

The truth is, it doesn't matter.
When the government, the media, the Christians, the feminists and the like comes together in moral witch hunt, it does not matter one bit what the fact tell them, when it comes to porn. Not responding to Wolf's "documentary" would have been political suicide, and for the rest us us... Well... Who has the guts to be the single voice willing to defend a industry who has it's foundation based on the sticky taboo of masturbation? There seems to be a collective belief that if society is exposed to porn, we as humans will not be able to handle it. We will all end up having a "distorted sexuality", become obsessed with masturbation and blasphemous sex orgies, and that fear simply reeks of conservative Christianity. (And we all know who has a distorted view on the human body and its sexual usage.)

Mila can prove her mental stability all she wants, but the extreme feminists and the anti-porn wing doesn't care. They need her to be a victim. They need all porn stars to be victims so they can prove themselves right. Let me explain something very important: Having an emotional reaction is not the same as being right. The emotional reaction you might experience while watching a woman having group sex, does not mean that is how SHE is feeling. Holding hands and walking in to the sunset might get you off, but for other girls a brutal anal DP does the trick.

Women are individuals, and we are not linked up by some emotional and moral extra sensory network. What might seem very brutal and extreme to you, might be exciting and pleasurable to someone else. Remember that.
Who informs you? You HAVE to question everything, always.
Issues come with the person, not the profession.
I am not stating the porn industry is problem free. Like any other industry dependent on a capitalist system, there will be bitches and bastards.
If your problem lies in capitalism itself, then try anarchy or communism.
Just don't blame it on the porn.

So here's to you, Alexa:

On a brighter note: For those of you following my blog, I have a treat for you. I have an upcoming blog on porn and sexuality featuring an interview with two interesting porn actresses. What is sexuality and who can limit it? This will be a deeper dive into the world of lust, famous porn actresses,deviant desires and more. Stay tuned my perverted darlings, there are several exciting entries on the bizarre and obscure in the months to come!


  1. Fuck off you buggress! Sad excuse for a slut!

  2. Living in Newcastle Upon Tyne will make you say that. But it won't get you any buggering.

  3. Hmmm...I suppose you're right! Though there is nothing wrong with that...

    But well handled Batcheeba and apologies from the perverted 'Geordie' Frenchman!

  4. No need for apologies, mate.
    I welcome all forms of expression!

    Have a good one.

  5. Yeah, but truly sorry for that totally insensitive remark. Too much alcohol and trying to be a smart arse. Take care, and you have the looks as well as the brains!

  6. Although I have seen a clip of the striking Mila Shegola getting DP'd then 'pushing out' to form a lovely flower (ahem!).

    Shocking to many out there no doubt, but I was quite turned on actually...(in a bizarre sort of way). She's quite an exhibitionist!

  7. I have always maintained that women in porn movies utilise their bodies as a tool. What 'we' see on screen does not necessarily reflect the state of mind of the protagonist. The industry as a whole is money driven these days. There will always be a stigma attached to porn about drug abuse, forced prostitution etc, but you just have to look at ex stars like Jenna Jameson, Jewel de Nyle etc to understand that they are professional business women. Sex is a business. It makes money! There is a market for everything from Lasse Brauns' classic, Sensations to Max Hardcores' 'vomit'porn!

    Modern day pornography is all about the so called 'stroke factor'. What might float one man's boat could sink another's.....

  8. The most hypocritical person is the one who condemns porn, yet deep in their hearts,they are born insecure. There are many men and women who look at pornography as a crime. What many people do in the privacy of their own home is what many others may enjoy seeing on screen or in print. You make a very valid point and I agree with your views. Censorship only makes people more curious. There is a market for everything. From polished toenails (with toerings!) to the being whipped and humiliated wearing a nappy...

    Men are wired up different to women. Sometimes it does not actually involve the 'sex' act itself to create a reaction. A woman will shrug and wonder as a man walks away satisfied. There is no emotional attachment to men. Women (when it comes to sex) usually need an emotional reaction. Men can be aroused by the odour of a womans' foot and spend hours masturbating as she looks on and wonders in amusement.

    In the words of the Marquis...

    "Oh what an enigma is man!"

  9. Well.
    women are different, but I would recommend you My Secret Garden: Women's Sexual Fantasies by Nancy Friday. And you will see women can have some pretty weird shit going on in their heads as well. All i am doing, is defending the individual.

  10. Excellent, excellent article :O. Thanks for giving me something to read at lunch - other than e-mails about treacle and creative usage of hairgel :D

  11. Cthuøberg: Check out my other blog post on necrophilia and robot fetish ;) I'm sure it's right up your alley.

  12. I remember watching a film years ago by Jorg Buttgereit called Nekromantik...Hmmm

    The broom shank scene sticks in the mind (or should that be orifice!)

  13. You can read about that in this entry:

  14. You are a very interesting woman Batcheeba...

    If I ever 'come' to Norway, maybe you could show me the're the type of woman who certainly has an open mind and intelligent views...I'm proud of you!

  15. I am vey much spoken for by by man.

  16. Oh well...worth a try. Take care and keep that brilliant mind of your's SHARP!

    I like you and your views. I'm a married man with kids, and I like to have a laugh..but do you accept my apology about being an arrogant prick on the first post? Please say yes!

    Take care good woman...

  17. I think when doing some kind of movie, the producers should have care because this could cause problems in people's integrity, all people is in their right to do whatever they want but is perfect if they did that carefully.