Monday, 14 September 2009

Just Say No To Democracy.

"There is a poster we did showing some bloke being arrested by plain clothes cops - his arms behind his back, face shoved to the ground, cops with pistols drawn - the caption over this picture reads "Say No to Democracy". Anyway, the point is that some people thought we were advocating a totalitarian state whilst other people thought we were being ironic in as much as we were trying to say "Look, this is what democracy is really about!" Either perspective we are quite happy to live with, as the objective of the poster was to make people think about democracy, even if it was only for a few seconds ..."
The Grey Wolves.

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  1. The religion of Islam condemns Democracy (the true religion, not these Al Qaeda/ Taliban nutcases).

    The reason being is that out of a thousand men, nine hundred and ninety nine on one side could be wrong against one man on the other side who could be right! Think about it! Sorry - I mention men, it could be women, but you know where I'm coming from...