Friday, 1 July 2011

Assraping a nun - The gonzo rmx of the year.

"This thing started out as something of a joke, about how some bands can get away with the most inane and infantile track and album titles. I said "I'm gonna make a track called Assraping a Nun". Before I knew people said they wanted to do their own versions. And that's what happened."

Gird_09 gives you a collection of rmxs done by several well known people such as Larry Kerr, Batcheeba, Frostwinter, Epilektrician and P. Emerson Williams. A loving tribute to the at times silly title names we see in our genre.

Download, share and enjoy!

Download here.


  1. The title isn't nearly as creepy as the picture. ;) XD

  2. LOL there is another pic included in the download that will make up for that ;)