Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Via thulethinks

Nyt Norge threatens legal action against blogger

The Norwegian blogger Christopher Biong is being threatened with a lawsuit by the government financed initiative Nyt Norge (enjoy Norway). The case is a result of Biong's use of Nyt Norge's logo for his adbusting campaign against what he rightfully sees as a distorted campaign.
Using a corporate logo in this fashion is a well established means of political expression, and should be protected by free speech. If you can't use a corporate logo to protest their actions your means of expression are seriously hampered. This is especially true if the corporation is run by the government - and in turn our money.

We should make sure that these pictures recieve the attention they deserve, and that this turns into a public relations blunder for Nyt Norge. I would've never heard of these pictures if they didn't threaten legal action. Smart huh?

So here are the pictures they've got their panties in a bundle over:


  1. Takk for tipset om bloggen - og adbustingen. Jeg har en del med Christoffer å gjøre gjennom Venstre, men hverken blogg eller busting har jeg fått med meg.

  2. Takker :)
    Sjekk ut: