Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Some self promotion!

After a year in the making, my solo CD is finally released on INNER-X-MUSICK!

For those of you into the darker style of ambient, this is the soundtrack for you.

Buy it here!

If you are new to Batcheeba's musick, have a listen HERE


  1. Den siste lenken din fungerer ikke.

  2. Takk for tipset! Gikk litt fort i svingene ;)
    Funker nå.

  3. Hi. I got the tracks you offered free on bandcamp (thanks for those) but I was wondering if your album 'A Collection Of Trails' is still available? INNER-X-MUSICK is no longer active.

  4. It's no longer available through the old channels. You can buy it through Old Europa Cafe still.

  5. I was hoping for a D/L option to avoid P+P costs to the UK. I'll contact them.
    Thanks for the reply. Much appreciated.
    Kind Regards, Faustus.