Saturday, 19 December 2009


When will you people understand what is going on?
Cop15 gave us NOTHING.

You tune in to Fox news or TV2 here in Norway, to get your information, your everyday fix of liquid brainwashing. You press the "on" button, and at the same time you switch off.
You trust the media, you trust the politicians, you obey their laws and you sow, grow, harvest, eat and spread their lies. Self policeing.
And behind your back, the leaders of the system are pulling at the strings growing out from every cell in your body. You are now unable to think for yourself.
You now believe war is neccesary. You believe all demonstrators are criminals, you believe the laws are made to protect you. From what? The others? Wrong. The laws are made to protect you from yourself, from independent thinking and acting.
You never question anything. Everyday you wake up to your morning fix of state heroin, injected right into your brain. Addict.
There is no Illuminati, there is no New World Order. There is only capitalism. Money. Metal and paper. You are nothing but a pawn, a state junkie terrified of that painful withdrawal. You can be bleeding, infected, life leaking out all over the pavement, your nails scratching, skin breaking, while silently and politely asking the system to help you. And when the system won't help you, you simply ask again. Pretty please.
Democracy? LIES.
The police is not here to protect you, the politicians are not here to help you, the media is not here to inform you. You have to protect yourself, help yourself, inform yourself.
You don't NEED the system.
The system needs you.

Trust no one. Don't trust me. Trust your self.

You are free.


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