Friday, 11 December 2009


Obama gave his speach yesterday, in gratitude for winning the Nobel peace prize.
He used most of his peace speech defending war.
It was a well written and educated speach, Obama is an intelligent man, he knows his history.
And this is what scares me.
With Bush we knew what we had, he was ignorant, corrupt and uneducated. It was written in stone that he was going to fuck up the world. With Obama most expected the much promised change. The much anticipated hope. Even the fool Jagland, chairman of the Nobel comitee, used his speach quoting M. L King, trying like so many politicians, to copy Obamas special talent for rhetorical analysis and creating mass emotional hypnosis. Failing of course. Jagland's speech was written to explain to the world why Obama deserved the Nobel peace prize. Obama's "war is peace"-speech, stood in great contrast to those words.

Obama did show us his true face yesterday. Obama is no different from any of the other war criminals history has shown us. Except he made the lie bigger. Thus making the slap in the face so much more painfull. Obama has blood on his hands, and he sure did pick the right time to show the world. He is nothing more than a continuation of the Bush doctrine, making Alfred Nobel turn in his grave. Obama had most of us fooled. And still millions believe he is the messiah. The talk about diplomacy, reaching out hands and striving for change, was nothing more than one of history's greatest manipulations. Children are being killed. No great speach can erase the pain of their mothers and fathers, or justify the killings . Obama did remind me of one thing yesterday: To never again be as naive as to have a slight hope in any politicians.
Ever again.

This has been a political farce, and a sponsor feast for the capitalist forces in Norway. This was never about peace. Obama got nominated for the Nobel peace prize 12 days after he won the election. So don't tell me shit about his "efforts and accomplishments".
Snipers on every roof top, armed police, armed secret service, a closed shut city with people having their doors smached in by the cops and censored demonstrations. Obama brings violence and force wherever he goes.

Nineteen Eighty-Four, by George Orwell

I guess it's not just fiction afterall....
You are all slaves, you are all ignorant - this is war, this is hope in the words of Obama.

Dear mister president:
Thank you for reminding me how fucked up the system is, for strenghtening my misanthropy, for deepening my depression and reinforcing my anarchist view on life.

Now please, stay the fuck away from my country.

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  1. Winning the Nobel peace prize is something which get us with interior peace because a lot of people has suffered battles and wars I think everybody deserves peace.