Monday, 11 October 2010

The sexy underground

Long overdude post on various fetishes people engage in.
I asked my readers months ago to pick a topic out of many. And most answered they would like a general introduction to more common fetishes. Most of these are linked, and I will try to present the various types accordingly. Some are funny and silly, some are darker and more serious.

First I would want to educate all of you, a fetish is not always a sexual activity.
In many cases it's all about playing games or roleplaying. Sometimes the fetish activity involves nothing sexual, until the person is alone a few days later. For others it's very sexual.
What is sexuality? Who has the right to label it, or limit it? This blog post is quite long, even though I try to make each subject as short as possible. If you don't want to read all of it, just skip to the parts that interest you.

Let's start of with furries. Many of you know about this fetish, so I won't go into great detail. There are thousands of sites online dedicated to this, with equally many films, cartoon and pictures. So what is a furry?
As with every fetish there are huge variations, but basically furry fandom is a man or a woman who finds great pleasure, sexually and/or psychologically in dressing up in cute, animal custumes, or more specifically as anthropomorphic animal characters. They walk on two legs and they do talk. Some will play with other furries over a weekend, some have sex (yiff), some live a lifestyle at home with a partner as a furry. Some have sex with furry sexdolls/toys (Plushophiles), some meet up at furry conventions. The furry kink is harmless yet complicated. Most people enjoy dressing up pretending to be someone we are not, or someone we feel like deep inside. Once dressed up, we immediatly become the costume mentally. If you were to dress up as a cop, you would copy a cops mannerizms. We enjoy taking on roles, it's a healthy break from our normal, boring, stressed out self. For a furry it's also about being able to be playful, childlike, talk in a funny voice, play with toys, act cartoonish. Some spend huge amounts of money on making costumes, and there are people who specialize in making custom made custumes that costs thousands. As with everything else, if there is a demand someone will pick up on that and make it into a money machine. Feel like dressing up as a racoon? Then furry fandom is for you.

The darker side of the furry fetish kan be linked to vore.( Latin vorare to "devour") People into vore fantazise about being eaten by animals, or other animals being eaten. Obviously this deals with elements of submission/domination. Some women will fantasize about being some fragile, beautiful animal, like a unicorn, that gets eaten alive by an aggressive pack of wolves. It's fascinating to me to see how complex some people will make their sexual fantasies. For some it's enough to say "please tie me up and spank me", others will play out a whole other universe to be able to get off. People want to be eaten by anything you can possibly imagine: dragons, whales, lions, frogs, snakes or wolves... Anything goes.
To some people national geographic is porn. No, I am being serious. On forums you will find people discussing yesterday's program like it was Caroline Pierce's newly released Bang Bros production. This fetish deals with pain, fear, adrenaline, being helpless or being in control, causing others pain and/or controlling life and death.

The fantasy of being eaten is actually not so uncommon. I once stumbled upon a site (taken down years ago, (this is the archive) named The Big Gulp. Introduction: "If you're a psychology major reading this site because you're writing your thesis about us, please let us know if you figure out why we have this kink: we'd like to know!"
This site was dedicated to the idea of being a tiny man/woman being swallowed/eaten by a normal sized woman/man. The site was filled with fantastic photomanipulations of sexy, flirtatious women dangeling a helpless lille man between her fingers over her open mouth. That was years ago and a google search today will land you hundreds of sites dealing with the same fetish. To most it seems being swallowed whole is the main interest, to others being chewed and digested is the kink itself. As with vore this is a fantazy, it's not something anyone can play out in real life. Psychologically this is very Freudian of course. A man who want's to be eaten by a mother figure: return to mother. Unbirthing is a subgenre to vore, where the person is being eaten by the vagina (Not vagina dentata), and sometimes absorbed by the female body. To men who devouring men (Cock vore), you have the theme of male pregnancy. This deals with the need to feel protected, nurtured by someone you deeply trust, for others it's bondage, as in being restricted inside someone elses body. For others it deals with age regression. It's very complex and multi layered. I guess we could see all of this as a form of psycho drama. (I won't mention necrophilia as I have written about that subject before.)

Ok let's move on.
Crush fetish. I can't write about this fetish without writing a little about Jeff Vilencia. Jeff, as many do, had a kink and he thought he was the only one. He made a film about his fetish and was suprised by the number of people who contacted him because they shared his very spesific fetish. Jeff is well known for his controversial smush!-films. People who are into the crush fetish enjoy to see bugs, slugs, worms or similar being crushed under pretty, large female feet, preferably wearing massive, long spiked heals. Foot fetish being an obvious element.
They fantasize about being under the women's feet, being crushed, and since that is not possible in real life, a bug or similar is a valid substitute. I will mention that Hard Crush involves larger animals such as kittens, frogs and birds. As of today these videos are illegal because this is without a doubt animal cruelity. There was a lenghty legal process banning it, then making it legal and then banning it once again. I won't post pictures of how terrible this fetish can turn. I don't care what you do, as long as it's safe, sane and consensual. Killing kittens is NOT.
Jeff holds lectures about his fetish, and lives without a life partner. At one of these lectures a girl asked him "doesn't it get boring, doing the same thing over and over again? " Jeff answered "does intercourse get boring to you?" Great comeback. For a submissive man to imagine himself as a helpless worm being squashed under mighty female feet, is the ultimate submission. The total destruction. Others prefer being crushed themselves, this is a very layered subject and I will only mention it passingly. In this category you will find face sitting, trampling, being run over by cars and so on. These men (mostly men) actually harden their rib cage over time due to massive pressure and can take alot of weight on their torso. Some want 3 plus size females sitting/standing on them. People hav died from this fetish, some get crushed by cars, tractors or other motorized vehicles. (I have written about asphyxia before.)
It's not all just imagination: I read about one man who saw his friend's mother crushing his turtle by mistake in between the kitchen door when he was a young child. The turtle didn't die, so she stomped it with her high heals as he tried to save it, squashing his finger in the prosess. He now get's his kicks hiding out in football tribunes, sticking his finger out hoping that some random woman will squash his finger as she sits down. He only get's off if the skin splits open. Very painful indeed.

I guess we could continue onto giantessophiles. (also known as macros and gulliverians [if
they fantasize about giant men]). Another HUGE subject with multiple layers. In short this is all about men fantasizing about very tall women. As in VERY tall. Think "Attack of the 50 foot woman". Many of these cheesy films from the 60's are porn to these people, even ads and comercials are sexually interesting. The deal is: very tall women dominating and/or playing out a certain tailored setting. A famous lady in this business is Queen Adrena, former wrestler. You will find a huge gay community into this as well. Really tall men or women, stombing on buildings, or mastubating with bridges. These women are very scary, dominating, overpowering, highly sexual, and there is no way of escaping. Again closely related to BDSM. I will point out that not all dominatrix are tall, some just act tall, building a mini scale city with skyscrapers and planes crashing into buildings. All very low tech, but it works for their customers: Ron. H runs a magazine called Black Giantess filled with his hand made collages. He has sold over 350 copies. He also runs Zena Rules. Zena is a part time Dominatrix specializing in foot fetish. Zena is a real live Godzilla. It all sounds really fucked up, but to them this is normal living.

Let's stay in the subject of growth.
If I tell you that the scene where Violet eats the magic piece of gum in "Charlie and the chocolate factory" and grows to a giant blueberry, is porn to some people, would you be amazed? Well it's true. Thousands have the original film for the sole purpose of masturbation. But not just that scene or that film, ANY film involving unwanted instant growth. It can be the whole person, or just the breasts or other body parts. Some fantasize about being the subject others about being the voyeour. This deals with the overflow of sexuality, the ultimate motherly breast. But also about dominating others
into immobility. Growing and growing...until the pressure tears you apart and you finally blow up is unmistakenly a masochistis fetish. And let me tell you that the amount of money people will spend on their never ending hunt for the ultimate growth is pretty amazing. I know some will spend several thousands on custom made rubber suits that gets inflated by heavy pumps. Others indulge in elaborate drawings where shirts will rip and buttons fly. There is a huge amount of sites with tons of material on this fetish, photo manipulations and drawings for everyone. And let's not forget the written stories with more detailed descriptions than in a modern cook book.

Several fetishes are related to this, such as feeders/feeding/fat admiration. The idea of feeding a woman/man until she/he becomes morbidly obese. (Men: chubby chasers) For some meaning immobile, and dependant on the feeders care. Very controversial. This deals with the overflow of femininity, the whole body being sexual, the feel and texture of the rolls of fat. The main interest is focused on the belly. Women (gainers) will film themselves eating a huge meal, and then messure themselve after. It's those numbers that are so sexual to the feeders. Some of these girls makes a living from their websites with thousands of devoted fans. The belly in the picture belongs to a famous Super sized BBW named Betsy. I'm not talking about a chubby girl, I'm talking women weighing 550 lbs. These large women is seen as godesses to these men. Many in this community are pissed at the constant hassle the get. They claim they can be morbidly obeese and healthy at the same time, and don't want the stigma. Some organizations for overweight people claim this fetish is a form of abuse. That women are being taken advantge of by men who only want to be able to fulfill their sexual fetish. Regardless of the health risk the woman might suffer from. The debate is hot tempered. I personally feel that if you can't walk, you are not healthy. Besides that, what you want to do with your body is nobody's business but your own.

And staying in the growing genre, we have balloon fetish. Mostly gay men, but more and more women, inflate balloons specific to their preferance. Noteable poster boy is Buster who has done so much to get this fetish out there. Some want to blow up the balloon (poppers), some fear the big boom and don't want the balloon to burst, (non poppers). On youtube you will find several films of people blowing up, playing with, sitting on/inside, riding, laying on top off, or otherwize engage in activities with various balloons or other inflatable objects. Just last week I saw this very enthusiastic man riding a huge blow up killer whale in his flat, and after wresteling it for a while, he stabbed it repeatedly with a pocket knife. He seemed very pleased indeed. In Deviant Desires i read about an online debate spanning various forums: Is it sexual harrasement to get the unsuspecting lady at the balloon store to inflate a balloon? Valid question. I love these guys. This deals with fear, control, the smell of rubber and latex. (This is a well known fetish. Latex and rubber has a simillar smell to body odor.) It's indeed very phallic. It's playfull and harmless. We know fear and erection is linked, so it's not such a far stretch. So are you a popper or a non popper?

Moving on to Broken Dolls.
Romain Slocombe is a talented photographer who takes photos of asian girls in plaster and bandages. Japanese "kegadoru" meaning injured doll. This is actually a growing fashion as well, in Japan. I guess maiden's uniforms just don't cut it anymore. The idea is of course the submissive helpless woman. Wearing plaster and bandages will make some men feel very sexually attracted, as they want to protect and take care of the injured woman. Psychologist Yu Yuki thinks the white bandages symbolise virginity. I have a few books on the subject and I have Slocombe's book "City of broken dolls" The photos are quite fascinating, as you see no physical pain in the eyes of these women. They are not screaming, they are calm, looking into the camera with this mystical stare. They seem supernatural in some sense. Out of this world, and indeed very helpless. To me they look almost iconic, like a modern virgin Mary. I find the concept very interesting.

And last but not least pony play. This is also a huge subject. This has nothing to do with zoophilia mind you. These people enjoy pretending to be horses, or to ride people who pretend to be horses. Very big in Great Britain, Germany and the states. Basically a woman will be on all fours and her master/owner will ride on her back. She will be wearing the same gear as a horse would, custom made sadle and all. Even a tail. The owner will use his whip and command her. Massive amounts of training is involved where the master will teach her how to walk, canter, etc. Notable trainer Paul Reed, also the creator of legenday Equus Erotucus Magazine. Or she/he can be upright pulling a cart with her master in it (cart pony), while he gives his commands. The rituals in the stables are also important (grooming). Some play this out during a weekend, while some live the lifestyle 24/7. There are shows were the pony girl/boy and her master will perform (show pony), some like to be "bred" by strange pony boys. All details are layed out in the contract (a written contract is a common thing in the BDSM community). A talented pony girl can carry her master for a long period of time, and have very life like horse manerisms such as body language and horse like sounds. Obviously related to BDSM. It makes sense in some strange way, sitting on someone's back gives you control, you can sense all muscle movement. It's a very intimate form of bondage. It looks very strange and weird to most of us, but this is a fetish for serious and deeply enganged people.

This was just a very short introduction to a few subjects. If you would like me to write a more detailed blog on one of these, let me know and I will.

And remember: Love all deviants!


  1. staying speechless, excelent post, thanks.

  2. Thank you! I really want to do a more detailed post...maybe on Broken dolls as that is something I find so interesting. Time will tell ;)

  3. Fantastic post. It covers a lot of weird fetishes. If you're interested in Broken dolls check up the art of Takashi Itsuki on Amputee robot doll bondage. There are a couple of blogs out there with the scans, unfortunately there isn't a lot, but I predict a rising in the future in that field.
    And since we're on Japanese stuff check out Kaoru Fujiwara's manga "Fetish" and Suehiro Maruo's "Mr. Arashi's Amazing Freak Show". Only the Japanese could put on paper stuff like that :)

  4. Thank you for the kind comment, and for the killer tips! I would really like to write up a more detailed blog on darker activities. I will def. check out all of the above! Cheers!

  5. If you can't find it I can upload a rar/zip with the mentioned stuff. I have a mapp with lots of weird obscure gore manga ... well pretty obscure, nothing is obscure anymore since google showed up :P

  6. Thats what I keep saying! You cant find shit anymore AT ALL!!! A rar/zip would be fucking pr0n christmas! email me at