Friday, 9 July 2010

New blog for underground musick and art!

Gird and I wanted to give the many amazing artists in the underground a little attention.
In this blog all the things we find interesting will be given a review. Be it musick, art work, books, films....and so on.

Please stop by Kaliglimmer, and come back often.

Contact us if you have something you want us to review.
Please note that the material has to be underground, and that you will be given an honest opinion.

We have no deadlines, we work in our own tempo. This blog has to be combined with jobs, and at times a rather unstable mental health.

We both used to review for the legendary, now late, Heathen Harvest, and have a large network of contacts.
Do enjoy, and feel free to leave comments if you see something you like.
Help us spread the link far and wide.

Thank you.


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