Friday, 9 October 2009

Shame shame shame...

Obama wins 2009 Nobel Peace Price.
For what?
For his "inspiration" and "intentions"....

For his war in Afghanistan?
For being pro capital punishment?

This is a political price, and the many people who have used most of their life fighting for human rights, is yet again left in the shadows.
6 millions goes to someone who has the eyes of the world upon him, how has everything.
Obama has attention and motivation coming out of his ass.

To you people fighting day in and day out for human rights, the little man fighting the regimes...
I am so sorry...

What's the color of money?
It's red.

Never forget.


  1. It's the cult ov personality. Here in the US yo can get KRUCIFIED for saying anything bad about the man. Your called a racisit, or a nazi, or a facist... meanwhile our country continues down a dangerous path. It's quite surreal really. The news show litteraly gush over him, the late night comedians don't know what to do with him.. he is untouchable.

  2. That last comment was by me... brad

  3. He is just a politician. Like the rest. He will kill people. Like politicians before him.
    When he comes to Oslo to recive the Price, we will be there. Bring it on.