Tuesday, 9 June 2009

That's Romance

If you know me you know one of my fav bands : Sleepchamber>First time I heard it was on a run down tape at a friends house. I still have that tape And now I am part of a cover tribute and you can find it here:

I can't speak for the other people involved, but to me this is my most important release.Sleepchamber means so much to me, I am so honored and humbled.
A HUGE thank you to BradMiller for making all this happen.
Please put on your headset to get the full experience, my track is minimalist and low key, so it needs some listening.Some I dont care much for, and some of the tracks are AMAZINGN!
Note these: Veil Of Thorns, Grammal Seizure (!),Salakapakka Soundsystem and Choronzon.


  1. Thanks for the mentioning me as one of the "amazing" tracks Janne.... My favorite track (low volume or not) is still your version of "Kiss the Whip"... haunting....:)


  2. I must say that your tracks with headphones..flat on your back in the black of night is an experience. I don't know the mood you were in when you did the vocals. But it is almost like you are whispering directly and intentionally to the listener.

  3. Thank you both.
    I wanted a very low key vibe, very subtile.
    You know if you whisper...people listen...

  4. Aff, we completely fucked up on this one. Atropine is not what it used to be :(

  5. Cthulberg how do you mean fucked up? As in didnt send in a track?