Monday, 5 April 2010

Pentagon murder-coverup

Short blog on important matter:

Please follow the links and spread the information any way you can.
If you want to use money for something important, donate to Wikileaks.
That way you are investing in truth.
I donated today - Best thing I've invested in so far this year.

Today Wikileaks published the video we have been waiting to see for so long.
It is brutal, heartbreaking and disgusting.
It shows the true face of war, and US soldiers acting as if they are playing Counter Strike.
Killing several civilians, 2 Reuters journalists and seriously wounding 2 children.
The Pentagon has been trying to cover up this since 2007.
The truth is out.
The ppl behind Wikileaks had some disturbing tweets last week, explaining its ppl has been "followed, photographed, and one of its members was even detained overnight and questioned".

Thank you Wikileaks.

All the info you need are found in the links below.
I add links as more info comes in.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Norwegian download

Norwegian download over at Because God
Told Me To Do It. With grand artists such a Continental Fruit, Gird_09,
Her Ethic, Gyron V, Andreas Brandal, Hip Priest, Pogrom Synod,
Epilektrician and Batcheeba! Get it while it's hot!

This is a collection of bands we feel represent some of the underground scene in Norway as of right now. Some bands are well known others are more obscure.
That said - there is a pulsating scene for a wide range of other genres as well.
But this comp is a little taste of the darker side.
Enjoy it, and again a huge thank to my dear, dear friend and daddy Brad.

And do leave comments.
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